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Turn your old-chat into a Crypto Chat by using the Alty Bot and never look back

The difference between social media content and community content is the difference between one-to-all and all-to-all. The Alty Bot allows you to create sparks in your chatgroups and it gives your community the chance to run a conversation even when you're not there. Make a self-sustaining environment for your community so that everyone gains and everyone gives.

  • Add the Alty Bot to your chat today and watch your group come to life.
  • You can give everyone in your chat a crypto wallet in second. No strings attached.
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Community Dashboard

Create and manage multiple chat groups all from one dashboard.


Check out your activity reports to see just who is contributing the most and reward them instantly.


Connect your user data to CRMs, mailing lists and membership platforms.

Monetize your Chat Groups

Did you know you can create a subscription fee for your WhatsApp and Telegram Chatgroups?

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Connect to the right people in other Crypto Chatgroups. Being amongst the most informative and junk-free Chatgroups in the world means that there is always someone nearby who will want to fund your project.

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Never Copy-Paste Again

Alty is a FIO Partner which means you can automatically register for a FREE wallet mask and you will never look at a QR again.